[Salvatore] [source:lang/ autorite] Export depuis https://trad.spip.net de la langue en

[Salvatore] [source:lang/ autorite] Mise a jour du bilan depuis https://trad.spip.net
jack31 2 years ago committed by Salvatore
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commit 0096c57654

@ -20,6 +20,7 @@
<traducteur nom="Benitron" lien="https://trad.spip.net/auteur/benitron" />
<traducteur nom="George" lien="https://trad.spip.net/auteur/جورج-قندلفت" />
<traducteur nom="Hanjo" lien="https://trad.spip.net/auteur/hanjo" />
<traducteur nom="jack31" lien="https://trad.spip.net/auteur/jack31" />
<traducteur nom="kent1" lien="https://trad.spip.net/auteur/kent1" />
<langue code="es" url="https://trad.spip.net/tradlang_module/autorite?lang_cible=es" total="81" traduits="80" relire="0" modifs="1" nouveaux="0" pourcent="98.77">

@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ $GLOBALS[$GLOBALS['idx_lang']] = array(
'admins' => 'Administrators',
'admins_redacs' => 'Administrators and Editors',
'admins_rubriques' => 'The administrators associated to sections have:',
'attention_crayons' => '<small><strong>Warning.</strong> The settings below can only work if you use a plug-in providing an editing interface (for example <a href="http://contrib.spip.net/Crayons,2698">Crayons</a>).</small>',
'attention_crayons' => '<small><strong>Warning.</strong> The settings below can only work if you use a plug-in providing an editing interface (for example <a href="https://contrib.spip.net/Crayons,2698">Crayons</a>).</small>',
'attention_version' => 'Note the following choices can not work with your version of SPIP:',
'auteur_message_advitam' => 'The author of the message ad vitam',
'auteur_message_heure' => 'The author of the message, during one hour',
@ -43,16 +43,10 @@ $GLOBALS[$GLOBALS['idx_lang']] = array(
'deja_defini_suite' => 'The plugin « Authority » can not change certain settings below therefore it may not work.
<br />To resolve this problem, you should check if your <tt>mes_options.php</tt> (or another active plugin) has defined these functions',
'descriptif_1' => 'This setup page is reserved for the webmaster of the site:',
'descriptif_2' => '<p>If you want to edit this list, please edit the file <tt>config/mes_options.php</tt> (create it if needed) and indicate the list of the webmasters identifiers thus:</p>
<p>As of SPIP 2.1 it is also possible to grant webmaster rights to an administrator using the authors edition screen.</p>
'descriptif_2' => '<p>Administrators can be added to this list by giving them webmaster rights via the authors edit page.</p>
<p>Note: Webmasters defined in this way do not need to go through the FTP authentication for sensitive operations (upgrading the database, for example).</p>
<a href=\'http://contrib.spip.net/Autorite\' class=\'spip_out\'>See documentation</a>',
<a href=\'https://contrib.spip.net/Autorite\' class=\'spip_out\'>See documentation</a>',
'details_option_auteur' => '<small><br />For now, the option "author" works only for registered authors (forums by subscription, for example). And if it is enabled, the site administrators also have the ability to edit the forums.
'droits_des_auteurs' => 'Authors rights',
@ -113,7 +107,7 @@ $GLOBALS[$GLOBALS['idx_lang']] = array(
'redacteurs_voir_auteurs' => '<strong>Editor sees authors</strong> : editiors can <strong>see the list of authors with their mails</strong> and the page of other authors in the private area?',
'refus_1' => '<p>Only webmasters of the site',
'refus_2' => 'are allowed to change these settings.</p>
<p>For more information, see <a href="http://contrib.spip.net/Autorite">the documentation</a>.</p>',
<p>For more information, see <a href="https://contrib.spip.net/Autorite">the documentation</a>.</p>',
'reglage_autorisations' => 'Setting Permissions',
// S