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3.0.5 (unstable)
- Addition of namespace fetching method ns().
- Various fixes
- Basic support for HTML5 via Masterminds\HTML5
- Fixed #164
- Bug #141: Fixed :gt and :lt pseudoclasses (thanks to lsv)
- Bug #124: Fixed inheritance issue with late static binding (via noisan)
- Bug #126: text(string) was not updating all matched elements (via noisan)
- Bug #127: wrapInner() was mangling the HTML if matched element set was greater than 1 (via noisan)
- Bug #128: Improved jQuery compatibility with wrap*() *pend(), before(), after(), etc. (via noisan)
- Bug #112: children() was not correctly restricting filters.
- Bug #108: QueryPath\Query interface was too restrictive. (via mkalkbrenner)
- Feature #106: :contains() is now case-insensitive. (via katzwebservices)
- Issue #100: qp.php divided into qp.php and qp_functions.php. Composer now includes qp(). (via hakre)
- Issue #102: Added QueryPath.VERSION_MAJOR, changed QueryPath.VERSION
- Issue #97: Rewrite children() and filter() to be a little more efficient.
** REALLY IMPORTANT CHANGE:** To match jQuery, and to correctly implement
a bottom-up parser, the following will no longer work:
$qp($html, 'li')->find(':root ul');
You can no longer use find() to ever, ever move UP the document true
(like back to the root from somewhere in the tree). You MUST use
top() to do this now. This is how jQuery works, and making this
minor change makes things much faster.
** REALLY IMPORTANT CHANGE:** Many "destructive" operations now return a
new QueryPath object. This mirrors jQuery's behavior.
THAT MEANS: find() now works like jQuery find(), branch() is
deprecated. findInPlace() does what find() used to do.
1. removeAll() now works as it does in recent jQuery. Thanks to GDMac
(issues #77 #78) for the fix.
2. Refactored to use namespaces.
3. Refactored to be SPR-0 compliant.
4. Now uses Composer.
5. The traversal mechanism is now bottom-up, which means Querypath is
6. Issue #83: Fixed broken forloop in techniques.php. Thanks to BillOrtell for
the fix.
7. ID-based searches no longer guarantee that only one element will be returned.
This accomodates XML documents that may use 'id' in a way different than
8. The base CSS Traverser is now optimized for selectors that use ID or
class, but no element.
9. Pseudo-element behavior has been rewritten to better conform to the
standard. Using a pseudo-element no longer changes the match. Rather,
it checks to see if the condition is met by the present element, and
returns TRUE if it does. This means we do not need special case logic
to deal with text fragments.
10. :x-root, :x-reset, and :scope are now implemented using the
same algorithm (they are, in other words, aliases). Since
:scope is part of CSS 4, you should use that.
11. Support for the following CSS 4 Selectors featues has been added:
- :matches() pseudoclass, which behaves the way :has() behaves.
- :any-link
- :local-link (with some restrictions, as it does not know what the real
URL of the document is).
- :scope (see above)
12. Traversing UP the DOM tree with find() is no longer allowed. Use top().
13. :first is an alias of :nth(1) instead of :first-of-type. This follows
jQuery now.
14. eachLambda() is now deprecated. It WILL be removed in the future.
15. **Extensions:** QPList, QPTPL, and QPDB have all been moved to the new
project QueryPath-Ext.
1. QueryPath Templates have gotten an overhaul from TomorrowToday (Issue #59).
Templates now support attributes.
1. Fixed the case where remove() caused an error when no items were found
to remove (issue #63). Thanks marktheunissen for the bug report and fix.
2. New XML extensions to deal with adding namespaced elements (#64). Thanks to
theshadow for contributing an entire extension, and to farinspace for
detailed experiments with QP and XML namespaces.
3. The adjacent CSS selector has been modified to ignore text elements. This
seems to be inline with the spec, but I am not 100% sure. Thanks to
fiveminuteargument for the patch.
1. The xhtml() and writeXHTML() methods now correctly escape JS/CSS and also correctly
fold some tags into unaries will keeping other empty tags. See issues #10, #47.
Thanks to Alex Lawrence for his input.
2. The method document() has been added. Thanks to Alex Lawrence for suggesting this
3. The fetch_rss.php example created broken HREFs in some cases. Thanks to yaph for
the patch.
4. The xpath() method now supports setting default namespaces. Thanks to Xavier Prud'homme
for a patch.
5. The remove() method was fixed (issue #55) to now correctly return a QueryPath with
just the removed nodes, while not altering the base QueryPath object. Thanks to MarcusX
for finding and reporting the problem.
6. Added childrenText() convenience method. (Safe -- no changes to existing functions.)
Thanks to Xavatar for suggestion and proofing initial code.
7. Fixed bad character stripping in htmlqp() (Issue #58, #52) so that meaningful whitespace
is no longer stripped prior to parsing. Thanks to NortherRaven for detailed report
and help testing and debugging.
8. Fixed broken :nth-of-type pseudo-class (Issue #57). Thanks to NorthernRaven for the
detailed report and help debugging.
9. Fixed broken an+b rule handling in the special case '-n+b'. Thanks to NorthernRaven for
reporting and helping out.
10. Xinclude support has been added via the xinclude() method on QueryPath. Thanks to Crell
for the suggestion and to sdboyer for help (Issue #50).
11. QueryPath now implements Countable, which means you can do `count(qp($xml, 'div'))`. The
size() function has been marked deprecated.
12. is() now takes both DOMNodes and Traversables (including QueryPath) as an argument. See
issue #53.
13. The dirty_html.php example (contributed by Emily Brand, thanks!) is now fixed. Thanks to
MartyIX for tracking down the issue (#59).
Big Changes:
1. There is now an `htmlqp()` function that parses crufty HTML in a far
more reliable way than `qp()`. Use this instead of any variant of
the older `@qp()` setup.
2. The API has been brought into alignment with jQuery 1.4. See
API-2.1.0 for details.
3. This release was driven substantially by eabrand's GSOC 2010
contributions. Thanks, Emily!
4. There are now Phar and PEAR packages available. Got to for PEAR packages.
5. The minimal QP distribution is no longer minified, as it reportedly
causes XDebug to crash.
7. Data URs are now supported. QueryPath can now embed images directly
into HTML and XML this way.
8. Documentation is now in Doxygen instead of PhpDocumentor. Thanks
to Matt Farina and Kevin O'Brien for their input.