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// This is a SPIP language file -- Ceci est un fichier langue de SPIP
// extrait automatiquement de
// ** ne pas modifier le fichier **
if (!defined('_ECRIRE_INC_VERSION')) {
$GLOBALS[$GLOBALS['idx_lang']] = array(
// A
'afficher' => 'Display',
'assets_global' => 'Charger le javascript et les CSS sur toutes les pages, dans la balise &lt;head&gt;
Load javascript and CSS on all pages, in the &lt;head&gt; tag',
// B
'bouton_parcourir_docs_article' => 'Browse through the article',
'bouton_parcourir_docs_breve' => 'Browse through the news item',
'bouton_parcourir_docs_rubrique' => 'Browse through the section',
'bouton_parcourir_mediatheque' => 'Browse through the multimedia library',
// C
'caracteres_restants' => 'remaining characters ',
'categorie_choix_label' => 'Limited selection',
'categorie_defaut_label' => 'miscellaneous', # RELIRE
'categorie_libre_label' => 'Free field',
'categorie_objet_label' => 'Editorial content',
'categorie_structure_label' => 'Structure',
'configuration' => 'Configuration of the plugin Saisies', # RELIRE
'construire_action_annuler' => 'Cancel',
'construire_action_configurer' => 'Set up',
'construire_action_deplacer' => 'Move',
'construire_action_dupliquer' => 'Duplicate',
'construire_action_dupliquer_copie' => '(copy)',
'construire_action_supprimer' => 'Delete',
'construire_ajouter_champ' => 'Add a field',
'construire_ajouter_groupe' => 'Add a group',
'construire_attention_enregistrer' => 'Remember to save your changes!',
'construire_attention_modifie' => 'The form below is different from the initial form. You can reset it to the state before the changes.',
'construire_attention_supprime' => 'Your changes include deletions of fields. Please confirm the registration of the new version of the form.',
'construire_aucun_champs' => 'There is currently no field in this form.',
'construire_configurer_globales_label' => 'Configure global options',
'construire_confirmer_supprimer_champ' => 'Do you really want to delete this field?',
'construire_info_nb_champs_masques' => '@nb@ hidden field(s) the time to set up the group.',
'construire_position_explication' => 'Specify before which other field this one should be placed.',
'construire_position_fin_formulaire' => 'At the end of the form',
'construire_position_fin_groupe' => 'At the end of the group @groupe@',
'construire_position_label' => 'Position of the field',
'construire_reinitialiser' => 'Reset form',
'construire_reinitialiser_confirmer' => 'You will lose all your changes. Are you sure you want to go back to the original form?',
'construire_verifications_aucune' => 'None',
'construire_verifications_label' => 'Type of verification to be performed',
'cvt_etapes_courante' => 'Step @etape@ / @etapes@ : @label_etape@',
// D
'data_cols_label' => 'Possible answers (down)',
'data_rows_label' => 'Questions ( across)',
// E
'erreur_generique' => 'There are errors in the fields below, please check your inputs',
'erreur_option_nom_unique' => 'This name is already used by another field and it must be unique in this form.',
'erreur_syntaxe_afficher_si' => 'Wrong syntax of the test',
'erreur_valeur_inacceptable' => 'Entered value cannot be accepted.',
'etapes_formulaire' => 'Steps of the form',
'etapes_recapitulatif_label' => 'Overview',
'etapes_recapitulatif_texte' => 'Please review your answers and check them before final validation.',
// F
'fichier_erreur_explication_renvoi_alternative' => 'You can resend a new file, or submit the form as is, the old file is not kept.',
'fichier_erreur_explication_renvoi_pas_alternative' => 'You can send another file.',
'format_date_attendu' => 'Enter a date in dd/mm/yyyy format.',
'format_email_attendu' => 'Enter an email address in the format you@provider.tld',
// I
'info_configurer_saisies' => 'Test page for Entries',
// L
'label_annee' => 'Year',
'label_jour' => 'Day',
'label_mois' => 'Month',
// M
'masquer' => 'Hide',
// O
'option_aff_art_interface_explication' => 'Display only the articles in the user’s language',
'option_aff_art_interface_label' => 'Multilingual display',
'option_aff_langue_explication' => 'Display the selected language of the article or section before the title',
'option_aff_langue_label' => 'Display the language',
'option_aff_rub_interface_explication' => 'Display only the sections in the user’s language',
'option_aff_rub_interface_label' => 'Multilingual display',
'option_afficher_si_avec_post_explication' => 'By default, the values of entries hidden by the conditional display are not posted, and therefore not saved. Check this box to change this behaviour.',
'option_afficher_si_avec_post_label' => 'Post anyway',
'option_afficher_si_avec_post_label_case' => 'Post the value in case of entry masking',
'option_afficher_si_explication' => 'Specify the conditions to display the field based on the value of the other fields. The identifier of the other fields has to be entered between <code>@</code>. <br />Example <code>@selection_1@=="Toto"</code> conditions the display of the field only when field <code>selection_1</code> has a value of <code>Toto</code>.<br />
It is possible to use Boolean operators <code> || </code> (or) and <code> && </code> (and).<br/>
You will find <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">the full documentation of the syntax on contrib.spip</a>.',
'option_afficher_si_label' => 'Conditional display',
'option_afficher_si_remplissage_uniquement_explication' => 'By checking this box, the conditional display will only apply when filling in the form, not when displaying the results.',
'option_afficher_si_remplissage_uniquement_label' => 'Only when filling the form',
'option_afficher_si_remplissage_uniquement_label_case' => 'Hide entries only during filling ',
'option_attention_explication' => 'A message more important than the explanation.',
'option_attention_label' => 'Warning',
'option_attribut_title_label' => 'Title attribute value',
'option_attribut_title_label_case' => 'Put a title attribute in the label, containing the technical value of the field. Use sparingly.',
'option_autocomplete_defaut' => 'Keep default',
'option_autocomplete_explication' => 'At page load, your browser may pre-fill the field based on its history',
'option_autocomplete_label' => 'Pre-fill the field',
'option_autocomplete_off' => 'Disable',
'option_autocomplete_on' => 'Enable',
'option_cacher_option_intro_label' => 'Hide the first empty choice',
'option_case_valeur_non_explication' => 'Posted value if the checkbox is not selected. Attention, this is a technical value and not a displayed value.',
'option_case_valeur_oui_explication' => 'Posted value if the checkbox is selected. Attention, this is a technical value and not a displayed value.',
'option_choix_alternatif_label' => 'Suggest an alternative choice',
'option_choix_alternatif_label_defaut' => 'Other choice',
'option_choix_alternatif_label_label' => 'Label for this alternative choice',
'option_choix_destinataires_explication' => 'One or several authors among which the user can select as recipients. Otherwise, it will be the person who installed the site.',
'option_choix_destinataires_label' => 'Possible recipients',
'option_class_label' => 'Additional CSS Classes',
'option_cols_explication' => 'Field width in characters. This option is not always applied/used because the CSS styles of your site may override it.',
'option_cols_label' => 'Width',
'option_conteneur_class_label' => 'Additional CSS classes on the container',
'option_datas_explication' => 'You must specify a choice for each row in the form of "key|label of the choice".<br />The key must be unique, short, unambiguous and not prone to be changed later.<br />', # MODIF
'option_datas_grille_explication' => 'You must indicate one choice per line in the form "key|choice label" or "key|left label|right label"<br />The key must be unique, short, clear and must not be changed afterwards.<br />', # MODIF
'option_datas_label' => 'List of the available choices',
'option_datas_sous_groupe_explication' => 'You can indicate a choice by line using the format "key|Label" of the choice. <br />The key must be unique, brief, clear and must not be changed afterwards.<br />You can indicate the start of a subgroup using the format "*Subgroup title". To end a subgroup you can start another one, or put a line containing only "/*".',
'option_defaut_label' => 'Default value',
'option_disable_avec_post_explication' => 'Same as previous option position but still post value in a hidden field.',
'option_disable_avec_post_label' => 'Disabled but posted.',
'option_disable_choix_explication' => 'Indicate the choices separated by a comma, example: choix1,choix3', # MODIF
'option_disable_choix_label' => 'Disable some choices',
'option_disable_explication' => 'The field can not get the focus.',
'option_disable_label' => 'Disable the field',
'option_erreur_obligatoire_explication' => 'You can customize the error message displayed to show an obligation (otherwise leave blank).',
'option_erreur_obligatoire_label' => 'Error message for the obligation',
'option_explication_explication' => 'If necessary, a short sentence describing the subject field.',
'option_explication_label' => 'Explanation',
'option_forcer_select_explication' => 'If a group of words is selected, by default it will be a radio entry. You can force the use of a select.',
'option_forcer_select_label_case' => 'Force the use of a select',
'option_groupe_affichage' => 'Display',
'option_groupe_description' => 'Description',
'option_groupe_utilisation' => 'Usage',
'option_groupe_validation' => 'Validation',
'option_heure_pas_explication' => 'When using the schedule, a menu is displayed to help enter hours and minutes. Here you can choose the time interval between each option (default 30 minutes).',
'option_heure_pas_label' => 'Interval of the minutes in the help menu of the input',
'option_horaire_label' => 'Schedule',
'option_horaire_label_case' => 'Allow to fill in the time',
'option_id_groupe_label' => 'Keyword group',
'option_info_obligatoire_explication' => 'You can change the default required indication: <i>[Required]</i>. To keep the default information, leave it blank. To display nothing, put a text composed only of space.',
'option_info_obligatoire_label' => 'Indication of obligation',
'option_inserer_barre_choix_edition' => 'complete editing toolbar',
'option_inserer_barre_choix_forum' => 'forums toolbar',
'option_inserer_barre_explication' => 'Insert a porte-plume toolbar if that tool is activated.',
'option_inserer_barre_label' => 'Insert a toolbar',
'option_label_case_label' => 'Label located beside the check box',
'option_label_explication' => 'The title that will be displayed.',
'option_label_label' => 'Label',
'option_label_non_explication' => 'Will be visible when displaying the results.',
'option_label_non_label' => 'Label if the box is not checked',
'option_label_oui_explication' => 'Will be visible when displaying the results.',
'option_label_oui_label' => 'Label if the box is checked',
'option_limite_branche_explication' => 'Limit the choice to one specific branch of the site',
'option_limite_branche_label' => 'Limit to one branch',
'option_maximum_choix_explication' => 'Maximum number of choices?',
'option_maximum_choix_label' => 'Limit the number of choices',
'option_maxlength_explication' => 'The user can not type more characters than this number.',
'option_maxlength_label' => 'Maximum number of characters',
'option_multiple_explication' => 'The user will be able to select several values',
'option_multiple_label' => 'Multiple selection',
'option_nom_explication' => 'A computer ID name that identifies the field. It may only contain lowercase alphanumeric characters or the underscore character "_".',
'option_nom_label' => 'Field name',
'option_obligatoire_label' => 'Required field',
'option_onglet_label' => 'Tab',
'option_onglet_label_case' => 'Display as a tab.',
'option_option_destinataire_intro_label' => 'Label of first choice empty (in list format)',
'option_option_intro_label' => 'Label for the first empty choice',
'option_option_statut_label' => 'Show the status',
'option_oui_non_valeur_non_explication' => 'Posted value if no is selected.',
'option_oui_non_valeur_oui_explication' => 'Posted value if yes is selected.',
'option_placeholder_label' => 'Placeholder',
'option_pliable_label' => 'Expandable',
'option_pliable_label_case' => 'The group of fields can be expanded or shrunk.',
'option_plie_label' => 'Already shrunk',
'option_plie_label_case' => 'If the group of fields can be expanded and shrunk, then this option will make it already shrink with the form displays.',
'option_poster_afficher_si_label_case' => 'Post the values of all hidden entries',
'option_previsualisation_explication' => 'If porte-plume is activated, add a tab to preview the appearance of the text entered.',
'option_previsualisation_label' => 'Activate previews',
'option_readonly_explication' => 'The field can be viewed, selected, but not modified.',
'option_readonly_label' => 'Read only',
'option_rows_explication' => 'Field height in lines. This option is not always applied/used because the CSS styles of your site can cancel it.',
'option_rows_label' => 'Lines number',
'option_size_explication' => 'Field width in characters. This option is not always applied/used because the CSS styles of your site can cancel it.',
'option_size_label' => 'Field size',
'option_statut_label' => 'Specific status',
'option_tagfield_explication' => 'Tag for the group label. For accessibility reasons it is strongly recommended to leave the default value (legend tag).',
'option_tagfield_label' => 'Tag for the group label',
'option_type' => 'Type of entry',
'option_type_choix_label' => 'Type of choice',
'option_type_choix_plusieurs' => 'Allow the user to choose <strong>several</ strong> message recipients.',
'option_type_choix_tous' => 'Put <strong>all</strong> of these people as recipients. The user will have no choice.',
'option_type_choix_un' => 'Allow the user to choose <strong>one person</strong> (as a drop-down list).',
'option_type_choix_un_radio' => 'Allow the user to select <strong>only</strong> one person (in checklist format).',
'option_type_color' => 'Color',
'option_type_explication' => 'In "disguised" mode, the field contents as typed will be replaced with asterisks.',
'option_type_label' => 'Field type',
'option_type_password' => 'Text, hidden during input (eg. password)',
'option_type_text' => 'Normal',
'option_valeur_non_label' => 'Value No',
'option_valeur_oui_label' => 'Value Yes',
'option_vue_masquer_sous_groupe' => 'When displaying the result, show only the value, without the subgroup',
// P
'plugin_yaml_inactif' => 'The YAML plugin is inactive. You must enable it for this page to be functional.',
// S
'saisie_auteurs_explication' => 'Allows you to select one or more authors',
'saisie_auteurs_titre' => 'Authors',
'saisie_case_explication' => 'Used to activate or deactivate a particular option.',
'saisie_case_titre' => 'Single check box',
'saisie_checkbox_explication' => 'Used to select several options using check boxes.',
'saisie_checkbox_titre' => 'Check boxes',
'saisie_choix_grille_explication' => 'Allows a series of multiple-choice questions to be asked in a standardized manner and in a grid format',
'saisie_choix_grille_titre' => 'Question grid',
'saisie_date_explication' => 'Allows you to enter a date using a calendar',
'saisie_date_titre' => 'Date',
'saisie_destinataires_explication' => 'Allows you to choose recipients from pre-selected accounts.',
'saisie_destinataires_titre' => 'Recipients',
'saisie_email_explication' => 'Allows to have an email type field in HTML5.',
'saisie_email_titre' => 'E-mail adress',
'saisie_explication_explication' => 'A general explanatory description.',
'saisie_explication_liens_meme_fenetre_label' => 'Open links in the same window',
'saisie_explication_masquer_label' => 'Add a show/hide explanation button',
'saisie_explication_texte_label' => 'Text of the explanation',
'saisie_explication_titre' => 'Explanation',
'saisie_explication_titre_label' => 'Title of the explanation',
'saisie_fieldset_explication' => 'A frame which may include several fields.',
'saisie_fieldset_titre' => 'Fieldset',
'saisie_file_explication' => 'Send a file',
'saisie_file_titre' => 'File',
'saisie_hidden_explication' => 'A pre-filled field that the user will never see.',
'saisie_hidden_titre' => 'Hidden field',
'saisie_input_explication' => 'A simple line of text that can be visible or hidden (password).',
'saisie_input_titre' => 'Textfield',
'saisie_mot_explication' => 'Keywords from a word group',
'saisie_mot_titre' => 'Keyword',
'saisie_oui_non_explication' => 'Either a Yes or No response',
'saisie_oui_non_titre' => 'Yes or No',
'saisie_radio_defaut_choix1' => 'One',
'saisie_radio_defaut_choix2' => 'Two',
'saisie_radio_defaut_choix3' => 'Three',
'saisie_radio_explication' => 'Allows you to choose one of several available options.',
'saisie_radio_titre' => 'Radio buttons',
'saisie_selecteur_article' => 'Display an article selection browser',
'saisie_selecteur_document' => 'Display a document selector',
'saisie_selecteur_rubrique' => 'Display a section selector browser',
'saisie_selecteur_rubrique_article' => 'Display an article or section selector browser',
'saisie_selecteur_rubrique_article_titre' => 'Article or section',
'saisie_selection_explication' => 'Select an option from a dropdown list box.',
'saisie_selection_multiple_explication' => 'Used for selecting several options from a list.',
'saisie_selection_multiple_titre' => 'Multiple selection',
'saisie_selection_titre' => 'Drop-down list (or selection)', # MODIF
'saisie_textarea_explication' => 'A multilines text field.',
'saisie_textarea_titre' => 'Textarea',
'saisies_aplatir_tableau_montrer_groupe' => '@groupe@: @valeur@',
// T
'titre_page_saisies_doc' => 'Documentation of input fields',
'tous_visiteurs' => 'All visitors (even if not registered)',
'tout_selectionner' => '(Un)select all',
// V
'verifier_saisies_option_data_cle_manquante' => 'Incorrect syntax. Are you mixing up the pipe character (|) with the lower case L (l)?',
'verifier_saisies_option_data_cles_doubles' => 'At least one key is defined as duplicate.',
'verifier_saisies_option_data_sous_groupes_interdits' => 'Incorrect syntax. Subgroups are not allowed.',
'verifier_saisies_option_data_verifier_cles_erreurs' => 'Incorrect syntax. Some keys do not meet the criteria.',
'verifier_valeurs_acceptables_explication' => 'Check that the posted value is among those allowed when defining fields. Do not use this option if you dynamically fill fields in your templates or fill them with javascript.',
'verifier_valeurs_acceptables_label' => 'Check the acceptable values',
'vue_sans_reponse' => '<i>(no data entered)</i>',
// Z
'z' => 'zzz'