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// This is a SPIP language file -- Ceci est un fichier langue de SPIP
// extrait automatiquement de
// ** ne pas modifier le fichier **
if (!defined('_ECRIRE_INC_VERSION')) {
$GLOBALS[$GLOBALS['idx_lang']] = array(
// A
'action_download' => 'Download',
'action_nouveau' => 'New File',
'action_personaliser' => 'Customise',
'action_supprimer' => 'Delete',
'action_upload' => 'Send a file',
// C
'copy_comment' => ' Copied @date@ by @nom@
original file @source@',
'creer' => 'Create',
// E
'editer_skel' => 'Edit the template',
'editer_skel_debug' => 'Edit the template (debug mode)',
'effacer_confirme' => 'Do you really want to delete this file ?',
'erreur_autoriser_creation_fichier' => 'You are not allowed to create a new file ',
'erreur_creation_sous_dossier' => 'Cant create @dir@ sub-directory',
'erreur_droits' => 'error: cant create the file. Please check the template directorys rights',
'erreur_ecrire_dans_sous_dossier' => 'Cant write in @dir@ sub-directory',
'erreur_ecriture_fichier' => 'error: cant write to file',
'erreur_edition_ecriture' => 'error: not writable file',
'erreur_fichier_inexistant' => 'This file doesnt exist',
'erreur_fichier_modif_coucourante' => 'This file was modified while you changed it. Here is the new version:',
'erreur_fichier_modif_coucourante_votre_version' => 'Merge it with your version and save it:',
'erreur_fichier_supprime' => 'This file was deleted while being edited. Please copy the content and create a new file if needed.
'erreur_ouvert_ecrit' => 'error: cant open or edit this file',
'erreur_ouverture_fichier' => 'error: cant open the file',
'erreur_overwrite' => 'error: this file already exists',
'erreur_parsing' => 'Fatal error while parsing the BOUCLES',
'erreur_sansgene' => 'Error: unauthorized action',
'erreur_type_interdit' => 'It is not allowed to use this kind of file.',
'explications_creer_dossier_squelettes' => 'To use the template editor, create a <b>squelettes/</b> folder, if there isnt already one, in your websites root directory, then grant write access permissions to that folder.',
'explications_filename_fichier_chemin' => 'You can fill in a full path to set the file up in a sub-directory (eg: "modeles/document.html")',
// F
'fichier' => 'file',
'fichier_choix' => 'Please choose the file you want to edit or view.',
'fichier_efface_ok' => 'File deleted successfully !',
'fichier_enregistre' => 'The file was saved',
'fichier_sauvegarde_date' => 'file saved @ ',
'fichier_upload' => 'Upload a file',
'fichier_upload_ok' => 'File uploaded successfully !',
// I
'info_copie' => 'This file will be copied in the <em>@dir@</em> directory when saved',
'info_copie_fichier' => 'This file will be copied to <em>@file@</em> when saving',
// L
'label_code' => 'Spip code:',
'label_creer_fichier' => 'Create a file',
'label_file' => 'File',
'label_filename_squelette' => 'Name',
'label_nouveau_fichier' => 'New file',
'label_renommer_fichier' => 'Rename or move
// P
'parseur_altern' => 'Alternate',
'parseur_apres' => 'After',
'parseur_avant' => 'Before',
'parseur_contenu' => 'Content',
'parseur_horsboucle' => 'OUTSIDE THE LOOPS',
'parseur_milieu' => 'Inside',
'parseur_param' => 'Parameters:',
'parseur_titre' => 'Loop parser',
// R
'rechercher' => 'Search',
'rechercher_ou_remplacer' => 'or',
'remplacer' => 'replace',
'remplacer_par' => 'it by',
'repertoire' => 'directory',
// S
'sauver' => 'Save',
'skeleditor_description' => 'Lets you edit current template files',
'skeleditor_dossier' => 'template directory: ',
'squelettes' => 'Templates&CSS',
// T
'target' => 'target',
// U
'upload' => 'Upload'