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* text=auto !eol
base/sms.php -text
classes/octopush/ -text
classes/octopush/ -text
classes/smsfactor/AccuseReceptionSMSClass.php -text
classes/smsfactor/sendSMSclass.php -text
formulaires/configurer_sms.html -text
lang/paquet-sms.xml -text
lang/paquet-sms_fr.php -text
lang/sms.xml -text
lang/sms_es.php -text
lang/sms_fr.php -text
/paquet.xml -text
prive/squelettes/contenu/configurer_sms.html -text
prive/themes/spip/images/sms-16.png -text svneol=unset#image/png
prive/themes/spip/images/sms-24.png -text svneol=unset#image/png
prive/themes/spip/images/sms-64.png -text svneol=unset#image/png
/sms_administrations.php -text
/sms_fonctions.php -text