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$GLOBALS[$GLOBALS['idx_lang']] = array(
'titre_page' => 'Configure the selection of templates',
'gros_titre' => 'Create rules to choose templates based on keywords',
'help' => 'This page is only accessible to administrators. You can create here some rules to choose templates by keywords associated to an element in SPIP.
A rule specify:
-# a basic "fond" (the file that is used as template by default for this element),
-# the keyword group that will contain keywords specifying the template to use,
-# the type of element that this template displays.
The templates will then be named {{fond-keyword.html}}. The plugin search first for a template that match a keyword associated to the element. If not found (and if applicable), the plugin then search for a template matching a keyword associated to one of the subsuming section.
The author then only have to add a keyword from the right group to select the template used.',
'reglei' => 'rule @id@',
'nouvelle_regle' => 'new rule',
'fond' => 'Fond:',
'groupe' => 'Group:',
'type' => 'Type:',
'possibilites' => '@total_actif@ template(s) availlable.',
'avertissement' => 'The template @squelette@ doesn\'t exist. This rule will not work properly if the default template is not present.'