PHP Supported Versions as a SPIP Plugin
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Supported Versions

SPIP Plugin backport of PHP Supported Versions

pipeline status

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  • <supportedversions|table> : a table of actively supported versions
  • <supportedversions|calendar> : a calendar view of the table above
  • <supportedversions|legend> : colors and style explanations
  • <supportedversions|releases> : list of releases in JSON
  • <supportedversions|latest>: list of the latest releases of active branches
  • <supportedversions|eol>: list of the end of life branches
  • <supportedversions|compatibility>: table matrix of SPIP/PHP Compatibility
  • <supportedversions|release_notes>: list of releases by date
  • <supportedversions|pre_releases> : list of pre-releases in JSON
  • <supportedversions|stable> : Gives informations of the last stable version released with info parameter (version, date or url)
  • <supportedversions|spiploaderlist_X> : JSON for spip_loader.php where X is the API version.
  • <supportedversions|configuration> : list of required, suggested and provided technologies


  • |SupportedVersions::getBranchValues : Array of branch data for a given release string
  • |SupportedVersions::getBranchesFromState Array of branch data for a given state string
  • |SupportedVersions::branchesByState Arrray of branch data for a given list of states
  • |SupportedVersions::configuration Converts a list of elements in a string like element1, element2 v1

Other usage

Calling /spip.php?page=supported-versions.svg renders a calendar in svg format.

Calling /spip.php?page=releases.json renders a JSON formatted of releases.

Calling /spip.php?page=pre_releases.json renders a JSON formatted of alpha, beta and RC pre-releases.

Calling /spip_loader.api or /spip_loader.api/1 for apache httpd server with rewrite mode and .htaccess default file exposes the spip_loader_list.json JSON. First argument, like /1 is the api parameter.


RewriteRule ^supported-versions\.svg$ spip.php?page=supported-versions.svg [QSA,L]

and call : /supported-versions.svg

RewriteRule ^releases\.json$ spip.php?page=releases.json [QSA,L]

and call : /releases.json

RewriteRule ^pre_releases\.json$ spip.php?page=pre_releases.json [QSA,L]

and call : /pre_releases.json

RewriteRule ^spip-dev/INSTALL/spip_loader_list.json$ spip_loader.api [QSA,L]
# Compatibility with spip_loader.php v5.0.1
RewriteRule ^spip-dev/INSTALL/(.*).php.txt$ spip-dev/INSTALL/$1.php [L]

and call : /spip-dev/INSTALL/spip_loader_list.json


  • Hanjo for the Dutch translation
  • George for the Arabic translation
  • Nicod_ for BEM and so much
  • b_b & marcimat for their support
  • lspeciale for the Spanish translation