Squelette élégant pour vos photos
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]#HTTP_HEADER{HTTP/1.0 #ENV{code,'404 Not Found'}}
#HTTP_HEADER{"Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate"}
#HTTP_HEADER{Pragma: no-cache}<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="#LANG">
<INCLURE{fond=inc/head,no-bot} />
<title><:pass_erreur:> [(#ENV{status, 404}|intval) - ][(#NOM_SITE_SPIP|textebrut)]</title>
<body class="page page-404">
<!-- content -->
<div class="content">
<div class="container container-aoto">
<!--- article > txt -->
<div class="article-fiche">
<h1 class="article-h1 center"><:pass_erreur:> [(#ENV{status, 404}|intval)]</h1>
<div class="article-texte"><:aoto:404_sorry:></div>
<!--- article > img -->
[<div class="article-figure-unique">
<figure class="article-figure wow wobble">
<img src="(#CHEMIN{img/404.jpg})" alt="<:pass_erreur:> 404" >
<!-- #content -->