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@import 'libs/vars';
@import 'css/vars_spip';
@import 'libs/functions';
@import 'libs/mixins';
@import 'libs/vendor';
@import 'libs/breakpoints';
@import 'libs/html-grid';
@import url(fontawesome-all.min.css);
Editorial by HTML5 UP | @ajlkn
Free for personal and commercial use under the CCA 3.0 license (
// Breakpoints.
@include breakpoints((
xlarge: ( 1281px, 1680px ),
large: ( 981px, 1280px ),
medium: ( 737px, 980px ),
small: ( 481px, 736px ),
xsmall: ( 361px, 480px ),
xxsmall: ( null, 360px ),
xlarge-to-max: '(min-width: 1681px)',
small-to-xlarge: '(min-width: 481px) and (max-width: 1680px)'
// Base.
@import 'base/reset';
@import 'base/page';
@import 'base/typography';
// Component.
@import 'components/row';
@import 'components/section';
@import 'components/form';
@import 'components/box';
@import 'components/icon';
@import 'components/image';
@import 'components/list';
@import 'components/actions';
@import 'components/icons';
@import 'components/contact';
@import 'components/pagination';
@import 'components/table';
@import 'components/button';
@import 'components/mini-posts';
@import 'components/features';
@import 'components/posts';
// Layout.
@import 'layout/wrapper';
@import 'layout/main';
@import 'layout/sidebar';
@import 'layout/header';
@import 'layout/banner';
@import 'layout/footer';
@import 'layout/menu';