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listing des articles par recherche
- recherche
- env pour pagination ajax
<h2 class="marger-top liner-bottom"><:ueno:resultats_articles:></h2>
<!-- sub-row 1 -->
[<div class="inner pagination-top">
<span class="pagination-titre">(#GRAND_TOTAL) <:ueno:pagination_gd_total:></span>
<BOUCLE_actu(ARTICLES){recherche?}{!par date}{pagination 6}>
<INCLURE{fond=inc/inc_article_preview, id_article, env} />
<div class="pagination">
[<div class="pagination-titre"><:ueno:pagination_pages:>:</div>
(#PAGINATION{page}) -]
<div class="pagination-total">#GRAND_TOTAL <:ueno:resultats_out:></div>
<div class="alert alert-error">