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* text=auto !eol
/body.html -text
/habillage.css -text
images/ad-spots/ad-spot1.gif -text
images/ad-spots/ad-spot2.gif -text
images/ad-spots/ad-spot3.gif -text
images/ad-spots/ad-spot4.gif -text
images/ad-spots/advertise.gif -text
images/bg_content.jpg -text
images/bquote.gif -text
images/cont-wrap.gif -text
images/email.gif -text
images/logo.gif -text
images/newer-right.gif -text
images/older-left.gif -text
images/post-design.gif -text
images/post-star.gif -text
images/rss.gif -text
images/search.gif -text
images/texture-bottom.gif -text
images/texture-top.gif -text
images/top-left-splash.jpg -text
images/top-right-splash.png -text
/inc-theme-copyleft.html -text
/plugin.xml -text
/screenshot.png -text
/style.css -text