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* text=auto !eol
css/box.css -text
css/box_skins.css -text
css/button.css -text
css/img/404.png -text
css/img/blog_author.png -text
css/img/blog_date.png -text
css/img/bouton_recherche.png -text
css/img/def.png -text
css/img/header-bg.jpg -text
css/img/menu_down_arrow.png -text
css/img/recherche.png -text
css/img/spip_out.gif -text
css/img/submenu_left_arrow.png -text
css/img/varicelle-sprite.png -text
css/layout.css -text
css/style.css -text
css/theme.css -text
/inc-insert-head.html -text
js/jquery.mobilemenu.js -text
js/respond.js -text
js/script.js -text
lang/paquet-theme_brownie_de.php -text
lang/paquet-theme_brownie_en.php -text
lang/paquet-theme_brownie_fr.php -text
/licence.txt -text
/paquet.xml -text
/vignette.png -text