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<div id="templatemo_header_wrapper">
<div id="templatemo_header">
<INCLURE{fond=header/#ENV{type-page},env} />
<div id="templatemo_menu">
<INCLURE{fond=inclure/nav,env} />
</div> <!-- end of templatemo_menu -->
<div class="cleaner"></div>
</div> <!-- end of templatemo_header -->
<!-- end of templatemo_header_wrapper -->
<div id="templatemo_content_wrapper">
<div id="templatemo_content">
<div class="content_section">
<INCLURE{fond=content/#ENV{type-page},env} />
</div> <!-- end of content -->
<div id="templatmeo_sidebar">
<div class="sidebar_section">
<INCLURE{fond=extra1/#ENV{type-page},env} />
<div class="cleaner_h30"></div>
<div class="sidebar_section">
<INCLURE{fond=extra2/#ENV{type-page},env} />
</div> <!-- end of sidebar -->
<div class="cleaner"></div>
<div id="templatemo_content_wrapper_bottom"></div> <!-- end of content_wrapper -->
<div id="templatemo_footer">
<div class='pied'><INCLURE{fond=footer/#ENV{type-page},env} /></div>
<div class='copyleft'><INCLURE{fond=inc-theme-copyleft}></div>
</div> <!-- end of templatemo_footer -->