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11 years ago
* text=auto !eol
/body.html -text
css/clear.css -text
css/img/bg.gif -text
css/img/border.gif -text
css/img/content-bg.gif -text
css/img/dots.gif -text
css/img/firefox-gray.jpg -text
css/img/glyphicons-halflings.png -text svneol=unset#image/png
css/img/gravatar.gif -text
css/img/gravatar.jpg -text
css/img/header-image.gif -text
css/img/header-image.png -text svneol=unset#image/png
css/img/header-search.gif -text
css/img/ico_lock.gif -text
css/img/image.gif -text
css/img/left-tab.gif -text
css/img/quote.gif -text
css/img/right-tab.gif -text
css/img/search.gif -text
css/img/tradlang_icones.png -text svneol=unset#image/png
css/img/tradlang_icones.psd -text svneol=unset#image/vnd.adobe.photoshop
css/jquery.ui.core.css -text
css/jquery.ui.tabs.css -text
css/jquery.ui.theme.css -text
css/layout.css -text
css/spip.comment.css -text
css/spip.css -text
css/spip.form.css -text
css/spip.list.css -text
css/spip.pagination.css -text
css/spip.portfolio.css -text
css/theme.css -text
css/typo.css -text
8 years ago
css/ui/core.css -text
css/ui/tabs.css -text
css/ui/theme.css -text
/inc-theme-copyleft.html -text
/plugin.xml -text
/vignette.jpg -text