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* text=auto !eol
base/univers.php -text
/content_bg.gif -text
css/version.tree.css -text
exec/universparse.php -text
genie/univers_boss.php -text
genie/univers_check.php -text
genie/univers_check_1.php -text
genie/univers_check_2.php -text
genie/univers_check_3.php -text
genie/univers_feed.php -text
genie/univers_google.php -text
genie/univers_referers.php -text
geoip/GeoIP.dat -text
geoip/README -text
geoip/benchmark.php -text
geoip/geoip.php -text
geoip/geoipcity.php -text
geoip/geoipregionvars.php -text
geoip/sample.php -text
geoip/sample_city.php -text
geoip/sample_distributed.php -text
geoip/sample_netspeed.php -text
geoip/sample_org.php -text
geoip/sample_region.php -text
inc/univers.php -text
inc/univers_analyser.php -text
javascript/jquery-1.4.4.js -text
javascript/treemap.js -text
javascript/version.tree.js -text
json/stats-tout.html -text
json/stats-v.html -text
/plugin.xml -text
/saturn.png -text
/stats-tout.html -text
/stats-v.html -text
/stats.html -text
/stats.json.html -text
/stats.png -text
/univers_pipelines.php -text