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* text=auto !eol
formulaires/configurer_vieux_butineurs.html -text
formulaires/configurer_vieux_butineurs.php -text
images/browser-32.png -text
javascript/IE7.js -text
javascript/IE8.js -text
javascript/IE9.js -text
javascript/blank.gif -text
javascript/ie7-recalc.js -text
javascript/ie7-squish.js -text
javascript/jquery.ifixpng.js -text
lang/msiecompat_ar.php -text
lang/msiecompat_ast.php -text
lang/msiecompat_ca.php -text
lang/msiecompat_de.php -text
lang/msiecompat_en.php -text
lang/msiecompat_fa.php -text
lang/msiecompat_fr.php -text
lang/msiecompat_fr_tu.php -text
lang/msiecompat_it.php -text
lang/msiecompat_ru.php -text
lang/msiecompat_sk.php -text
/msie_compat.php -text
/plugin.xml -text