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// This is a SPIP language file -- Ceci est un fichier langue de SPIP
if (!defined('_ECRIRE_INC_VERSION')) {
$GLOBALS[$GLOBALS['idx_lang']] = array(
// A
'aide' => '<a href="" class="spip_out">Read the documentation.</a>',
'article_suivants_titre' => 'Other articles title',
'article_suivants_titre_explications' => 'It is the title over the list of articles at the bottom of the homepage.',
'articles_suivants_total' => 'Total of the other articles',
'articles_suivants_total_explications' => 'How many other articles all in all?',
'articles_suivants_parpage' => 'Number of the other paged articles',
'articles_suivants_parpage_explications' => 'How many articles by page in the pagination of this list?',
// C
'cfg_titre_parametrages' => 'Parameters',
'contact' => 'Get in touch',
'couleur' => 'Color',
'couleur_accent' => 'Color accent',
'couleur_accent_explications' => 'It is the main color of your site (by default #F56A6A)',
'contact_tel' => 'Phone',
'contact_adresse' => 'Adress',
'contact_complement' => 'Further information',
// H
'hero' => 'Article heroin',
'hero_explications' => 'It is the first article put forward on the homepage.',
'heroside' => 'Article heroin in left column',
'heroside_explications' => 'It is the article put forward in left column, under the menu of the site.',
// M
'major' => 'Major article',
'major_explications' => 'It is the second article put forward on the homepage, under heroin. His text is readable completely on the welcome.',
// R
'rechercher' => 'Search',
'reseaux_sociaux' => 'Networks',
'reseaux_sociaux_activer' => 'Activate the plugin "Links towards the social networks" to show such links.',
'reseaux_sociaux_configurer' => 'Configure the plugin: social Links',
// S
'sidebar' => 'Left column',
// T
'theme_graphique_par_html5up' => 'Design by HTML5 UP',